Hungry, Monday, August 22

Why does one listen to one’s stomach? It just lies to you…much like taste buds, I think they’re in cahoots with each other:

“Hey, stomach…she isn’t getting the message. Why don’t you see if you can stir her up to eat some more food. You know, the food she loves: chocolate, sodas, popcorn…anything. She won’t give me the time of day – it’s your turn.” pleads taste buds.

Slowly stomach begins to rumble, “You’re hungry – that meal wasn’t enough….besides, you only ate small portions, you have plenty room for more food. Just listen to how hungry you are.” stomach smiles up at you.

“Oh no you don’t,” says reason, “don’t buy into that lie. You’ve heard all this before. Stop, wait, think about the “why”.”

Well, in the end, I settled for a wonderful peach. Stomach still grumbles, but my happiness is not in pleasing my appetite! I won tonight.   🙂

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Monday, August 16




Here it is almost into a week in and I am trying to be faithful …I find that breakfast is easy (hot tea, cereal or eggs, juice). Lunch choices are OK…however, dinner is  my next mountain to concur. My mind tells me I don’t really need those extra bites, while my taste buds argue the point. It goes like this:

“Oh, that really tasted good and it’s good for you. Why don’t you take another serving?” tempt taste buds.

My mind just shakes her head,”You’re on this non-diet for a reason. What do you really want from this non-diet anyway?”

“Just smell that aroma…you won’t have this dish for a looooooong time. Just a few more bites won’t hurt.” smiles taste buds.

“Reason it out, woman. Those ‘few more bites’ will take you hours to walk off…is it really worth it?” counters my mind.

And on and on I waver. So, how do I concur this dilemma? I need to utilize that small word that has such power over me “No!”, use a smaller plate, and portion my food onto the plate before sitting down to eat – and chase those taste buds away!


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Friday, August 12

Good morning world…I stroll through my house passing an over-zealous beagle and put the “lion-cat” outside. Entering the kitchen, I consider, “What should I eat?”  Choices and portions are important… I pass over the sweet rolls screeming, “ME – ME!”, not in the mood for eggs or cereal, so I decide on –Hot tea with creamer and sweetner, peach yogurt and changing my mind, I return for a 1/2 serving of cinnamon roll…

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The Beginning…

This is me

My History

I have been on many diets in my lifetime– Atkins’s Diet being the most successful: boring, but successful. I lost 80 pounds, but having little to no willpower, gained it back within the year. Did I know I was gaining? Of course. But was I willing to stop eating the foods I loved? Nope.

 Truth be told

So, what now? I’m 58 years old, look and feel like a tub (200 lbs./5’5”) …What to do? After reflecting on all my failures in the past, I have decided to take my mother’s advice: “Just eat half of what you really want.” O.K., mom is usually right – so, here I go.

Thoughts for success:

-if one loses weight, little by little, over a longer period of time; there is more success in keeping it off

-walking/muscle toning exercises are steps to helping your body feel and look better…

 …but not this unrealistic shape

Actual plan

I may walk occasionally right now, but my emphasis is ONLY eating “half of what I really want.” However, I do plan to incorporate walking and muscle toning exercises, meaning, I may change the name of this blog.

Accountability may be the key to my success…thus my blog. I plan to non-diet for three months – August/September/October. Blog about what I eat (which will probably not be completely 100% healthy), thoughts about food/recipes/feelings/hopes-visions/progress.

Help me out, I need suggestions!

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